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Central Depository System (CDS)

Investors who wish to trade in securities listed on Bursa Malaysia must open CDS (Central Depository System) accounts with Authorised Depository Agents (ADAs), i.e. stockbroking companies. Securities bought will be credited into CDS accounts that the investors have opened. Likewise for securities sold, these securities will be debited from the CDS accounts.

Consolidation of Depositors Email Addresses in CDS

Consolidation of Depositors Email Addresses in CDS

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eFAQs on eServices
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Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd (Bursa Depository) will on 7 August 2015 undertake an exercise to streamline depositors’ email addresses in Central Depository System (CDS) maintained with Bursa Depository. As a result, depositors will have a single email address for all electronic notifications from Bursa Depository in relation to depositors’ deposited securities. This will minimise confusion and inconvenience to depositors in receiving electronic notification at different email addresses and will assist in better monitoring all electronic communication in relation to their deposited securities through a single email address maintain with Bursa Depository.

The electronic notifications primarily involve CDS statements of accounts, CDS notices and any other communication from Bursa Depository with regards to shares held in depositors’ CDS accounts. Presently, listed issuers also send out email notification on crediting of dividend payment to those depositors who have provided their email address to Bursa Depository.

As part of the streamlining exercise depositors who have provided their email address for the purposes of receiving electronic notification on dividends paid will, moving forward, also receive their CDS statements of account, CDS notices and other communication from Bursa Depository electronically to such email address. Additionally, such electronic notification may also include communication from listed issuers or Participating Organisations i.e. stock broking company as and when such service becomes available.

In this connection, Bursa Depository will be communicating to all the affected depositors via email one (1) month prior to 7 August 2015 by issuing an email informing the affected depositors of the exercise to streamline their email addresses in the CDS and where applicable, the expansion of electronic notification services. The same email will be sent again to the same depositors within a week as a follow-up from the first email.

Following is the approach taken in selecting the email address during the streamlining of depositors’ email addresses in CDS:-

eDividend Email AddresseStatement Email AddressEmail Address Selected
Yes Yes eStatement Email Address
Yes No eDividend Email Address
No Yes eStatement Email Address

Depositors who do not wish to receive electronic notification from Bursa Depository, listed issuers or Participating Organisations as mentioned above (including the eDividend notification) may request that their email address be removed from Bursa Depository’s records and such request is to be made via a duly completed eServices Form submitted to their Authorised Depository Agent i.e. stock broking company where their CDS account is being maintained. Please refer to the procedures to request for removal of email address as stated below.

If Bursa Depository does not receive the depositor’s request to remove the depositor’s email address from Bursa Depository’s records, such depositor will be deemed to have consented to the disclosure of the depositor’s contact details to the relevant parties i.e. listed issuers and POs to facilitate the sending of the electronic communication and notices referred to earlier above.

For further information please refer to the eFAQs on eServices

Steps for depositors to remove their email address

  1. Complete the eServices Form by indicating “Removal of email address”/ “Deletion of email address” on the form.
    Note: A copy of the eServices form can be obtained from Bursa Malaysia Berhad’s website at http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/products-services/central-depository-system-cds/cds-forms/ and also from your Authorised Depository Agent /stock broking company where your CDS account is maintained.
  2. Submit your duly executed eServices Form to your Authorised Depository Agent.
  3. An acknowledge copy of the eServices Form will be returned to you by your Authorised Depository Agent.
  4. Upon deletion of your email address in your CDS account, you will stop receiving your electronic CDS statements, CDS notices and email notifications on dividend payments from your issuers. Your CDS statement and CDS notices will be mailed to you via ordinary post.
  5. Should you decide to revert to receiving electronic CDS statement and notifications, all you have to do is to complete the eServices Form with your email address and submit the form to your Authorised Depository Agent or alternatively you can register for eStatement via Bursa Malaysia Berhad’s website at www.bursamalaysia.com by providing your email address.