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Corporate Governance

Bursa Malaysia (Company) adheres to high standards of corporate governance practices under the leadership of the Board, as guided by the Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance (Code). The Company's Corporate Governance Statement is available in the Company's Annual Report.

Board Charter

Board Charter

The Board of Directors (Board) of Bursa Malaysia Berhad (Bursa Malaysia) has formalised its Board Charter as part of its Governance Model Document. The Board Charter serves as a reference source and primary induction literature, providing insights to existing and prospective board members to assist the Board in the performance of their fiduciary duties as directors of Bursa Malaysia, being an Exchange Holding Company. It will also assist the Bursa Malaysia Board in the assessment of its own performance and of its individual Directors. The Bursa Malaysia Board will periodically review the Board Charter to ensure relevance of its application.

The Board Charter is published on Bursa Malaysia’s corporate website in line with Practice 2.1 of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance.