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Other Complaints

We welcome your inquiries or feedback. Kindly refer below for specific contact details.

Other Complaints

Do you have a complaint against a broker or listed company?

  1. Objective
    • to ensure all complaints are resolved in the most efficient and fair manner
    • to improve the timeliness of resolving complaints and enquiries received from the public
    • to introduce better administrative processes based on the complaints and enquiries received
    • to work closely with all internal business units in Bursa Malaysia towards improving the management of public complaints.
  2. Mission

    To serve the public and industry participants by addressing grievances on mal-administration in the sector fairly and efficiently while contributing towards improvement of the quality of securities industry.

  3. Categories of Complaints

    The following are examples of some categories of complaints:

    1. Complaints against ADAs and ADMs
    2. Complaints against issuing houses
    3. Complaints against other Public Listed Companies
    4. Complaints against Participating Organisations and Dealer's Representatives

    For complaints against Bursa Malaysia, click here.

    Please note that Bursa Malaysia is not recognised as an “enforcement agency” under the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 (“Act”). If you intend to rely on the protection offered by the Act, please make your report to the Securities Commission who is recognised as an “enforcement agency” under the Act.

  4. Methods of Enquiries/Complaints

    To forward any enquiries/feedback to Bursa Malaysia online, please click on the Bursa Malaysia Help Centre Portal and follow these steps:-

    For first time users

    1. Click on Sign-up at the top right corner of the Help Centre page
    2. A template to create a new account will appear. Please proceed to fill in the relevant details and create a user ID and password
    3. Click on “Create Account”

    For returning users

    1. Click on Sign-in at the top right corner of the Help Centre page
    2. Fill in your user ID and password
    3. Click on “Sign In”
  5. Completion of Complaint Form in the Help Centre Portal

    To ensure efficient and effective processing of complaints, the complainant should ensure that correct information is provided on the complainant as well as details of the person or institution the complaint has been made against. Exact details of how, why and when the matter arose should be included to facilitate attention to the matter.


  1. What should be in the complaint?

    Complainant should furnish information that enable proper evaluation of the complaint which includes the follow

    • Name of the complainant, address, email and telephone number.
    • The name, address, email, telephone number and any website address of the party(ies) mentioned in the complaint.
    • Specific details of how, why and when the subject matter of complaint occurred.
  2. What happens after a complaint is filed?

    Each complaint will be reviewed and evaluated for referral to the appropriate unit within Bursa Malaysia. Where a possible violation is detected, the matter will be referred to the Investigation Department. Investigation into a complaint would be made on a confidential basis to preserve the investigative process and would not be disclosed to the complainant.

  3. What is the timeframe for resolution?

    The investigation into your complaint may take anytime from a few days to several months, depending on the complexity of the case. Towards ensuring speedy resolutions, please ensure that all available documentation with regards to your complaint is enclosed with the standard complaint form.

Complainants are encourage to call Customer Care hotline at 03- 2732 0067 should you have any queries in the interim.